About Me & LAD

About Me & LAD

About Me & LAD

Design Quote Make Life Beautiful Interior Design Home Decor Boutique Montreal Hudson

This quote has been true for me for as long as I can remember. This has been my mission in life. I have always been affected by my surroundings, the more beautiful I found them the more at peace I was and the more I was inspired to create. I have always been creative, I danced for my whole childhood into my early 20's, I studied Creative Arts and Literature in Cegep where I fell in love with photography, film making and art history.
I always loved design but since I loved it so much, making it a reality was so scary to me. What if I failed? What if people didn't like or understand my vision? My husband had seen me make excuse's for years to cover the fear, and one day he simply told me that if I didn't try, I would always look back in life and regret not knowing, regret not taking the chance.
He was so right!

Interior Designer Graduate QC Design School

I enrolled in online interior design school, QC Design School, and started on this journey. Studying design all while pregnant with my second child and my other son home from school due to the pandemic was a challenge, but my love and determination pushed me to continue. Times were so uncertain, but I knew that design was meant for me. I then started my business and named it after my kids, Leigh and Allan are family names that we gave them as their middle names.
I took the chance and put myself and my work out there and was so deeply touched by the response. I would not be where I am without the support and love from all of you. My passion for design is deep but your support is what encourages me through the harder times. It is not always easy but it is always worth it. 

Owner Jamie Cromar in Leigh Allan Design Boutique Home Decor shop in Hudson Montreal Curated Collection

When creating my business I wanted it to be an experience, not just a shop. With Leigh Allan Design you can shop online (Canada Wide), in store and since I work in the shop you can always ask my advice for styling and decor. Being a certified designer I can help you style or help you with your next home project. It isn't just a boutique with beautiful decor, it's a place where you can find a piece you love and have the help to style it too!
Creating the boutique was such a dream come true. I have such special memories when I was kid, shopping with my mom in all these beautiful boutiques and finding such unique treasures, that I still have today. I have always dreamed about having a space where I could do the same and really give people that same experience. My goal was to create a curated collection of premium and unique home decor items with my distinct design aesthetic. That perfect finishing touch that you have been looking for.

Shop Interior at Leigh Allan Design Boutique Home Decor Designer Curated Collection Hudson Quebec

Home and everything you put in it is so personal and means more now than ever before. You should walk into your home and get that feeling of, this is home, this is an extension of who I am and my safe place. I am here to help guide you in making it the space that gives you that feeling and home decor pieces that you will cherish. 

Leigh Allan Design Boutique Exterior Summer Hudson Shop Local Support Small Business Women Owned

You can contact me at leighallandesign@gmail.com, and shop my curated collection of home decor items at leighallandesign.ca.
Or come to the boutique on Friday's or Saturday's between 10-4pm at 524 Main, Hudson.

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